outreach finance committee  

Having established TLCA as a haven and home to thousands of Telugu Americans for nearly half a century, it only made sense to broaden our vision and challenge ourselves to continue to grow.

This led to forming of an Outreach Finance Committee “OFC” in 2020, founded by then, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Purna Atluri, and President Babu Kudaravalli.

The committee’s primary focus will involve:

Community Outreach activities to accelerate TLCA's growth in reaching a broader audience

Establishing and maintaining relationships with various other groups and organizations and utilizing those relationships to strategically advance the overall visibility & image of the organization Seeking funding opportunities/grants to support TLCA initiatives Assisting the Executive Committee in disbursements of raised Funds Representing TLCA in media, community public hearings, and budget hearing programs Hiring and retention of competent, qualified staff as needed for implementation of OFC's primary focus

The Executive Director will be responsible for signing all notes, agreements, and other instruments made and entered into and on behalf of the organization