Chairman-BOT Message

Dear Members of our Community,

Venkatesh Mutyala

I hereby express my deep sense of appreciation and gratitude to the entire Board of Trustees, TLCA for having reposed it's confidence in me and electing me as Chairman of Board of Trustees, TLCA in its recently held meeting in New York. It in indeed a matter of great pride and honour for me, personality speaking, to have been chosen to lead this great organization when it has embarked on its golden journey.

That’s right. Established in 1971, TLCA has completed 50 years of its yeoman service to the telugu community of not only the tri-state area, but also of the entire U.S.,

As you all know, TLCA for the last 50 years has been striving hard to promote, inculcate, educate and impart our rich culture and traditions, by way of involving, the younger members of our growing telugu Diaspora, in our activities.

It gladdens my heart to inform you that judging by the huge participation of our TLCA Youth members, in our various functions; we can safely postulate that we were able to achieve our goal and hope to sustain the progress, for the sake of posterity.

Our founding members of TLCA, some of whom are thankfully, still active in our organization, had envisaged a wholesome participation of families with young children, who could benefit immensely from al the cultural and literary activities undertaken by TLCA. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the many contributions made by the senior members of TLCA, who are unfortunately no longer with us.

Last year, due to pandemic, there has been a slow burn out on some of our favourite activities, including our Annual Dinner and therefore could not do much on our TLCA Building Project. But, I can assure all of you that Board has never lost its sight on our Building Project, not have we changes our Goal post.

This year, conditions permitting, with your best wishes, support and help, we would like to celebrate TLCA’s Golden Jubilee Celebration on a grand scale.

On behalf of the Board Trustees, TLCA I would like to thank all the Donors, Members, Dance Gurus and Artistes and Community Leaders who have helped sustain the progress of TLCA in its 50 year long journey.

Thank You,

Venkatesh Mutyala, Chairman, Board of Trustees, TLCA.