About TLCA

Started in 1971 by a visionary group of idealists, The Telugu Literary and Cultural Association (TLCA) of New York is one of the earliest Indian Associations in North America and the first Telugu association. The TLCA was formed with the primary goal of promoting the Telugu Literary and Cultural Activities in the tristate area. Successive generations of Telugu children and adults have benefited from its tremendous success towards this goal, as can be seen by the vitality of its programs even 35 years later.

Through the efforts of many hard working groups of people, the organization has grown through the years. It is the largest single Telugu association in North America and the founder member of TANA - the Telugu Association of North America in the year 1978.

TLCA has a 13 member Executive Committee to look after its day to day activities. The Board of Trustees are responsible for the long term welfare of the organization.

TLCA conducts several cultural programs each year. Reports and multimedia material on programs in the past three years are on this website. All members of the Telugu community are encouraged to participate in the activities of the TLCA The the literary activities are supported through this website, which has seen several first time, and first rate, artists and authors; and through the print publication Telugu Velugu.

During 1996 TLCA celebrated its 25th Anniversary. On this occasion TLCA honored all its past presidents at a banquet dinner held in Queens, NY. In 2006, the 35th Anniversary was celebrated with a grand cultural program and recognition of the services of the past presidents and chairmen of the trustees.

The continued growth of TLCA depends on you, the Telugu Community. Show your pride in this ancient and traditional culture by supporting our activities. Join the TLCA! Come to the TLCA events! And most of all, teach your children about Telugu culture, and the Telugu language, and make sure they carry the torch forward unto the future.